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ANNA WILLIAMS: Periphery - Tekken 2 Tribute by Eddy-Shinjuku Kuma: Bear of Action by ChihuahuasInTheMist Watch out!We don't want to spill the good wine! by Joelchan that sense of harmony by Pechan Tekken2 Trib. Yoshimitsu by fedde

15/25  - only 10 spots are left now after a couple of days

After our big Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Art Collaboration back in 2012 on which gained a nice popularity there thanks to Eventhubs and Capcom promoting it among others,i asked you about doing an art project about the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Tekken franchise later this year.

I asked for 20 YES voting group members in 2-3 days, instead there were over 20 in the first 11 hours already!

Old members who participated in the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or the Beat'em up Tributes in the last two years answered the call as well as new members who are participating in their first FGE / GA-HQ Art Collaboration now.

The idea:

Getting an art gallery together which
-includes the complete series from Tekken 1 up to TTT2 and SFXT
- is more challenging than previous tributes. This time there won't be asny simple character illustrations allowed. All submissions need to have something special, like telling a little story, a joke or illustrating a scene from the history of the games or their characters.

Only 25 artists are allowed to participate for now. If these 25 are together and at least 20 of the artworks are submissed, we will see if 10-20 more artists can participate later.

Tekken I was released on the 9th December 1994 in arcades in japan. Let's make this the day our project will go online at
I will do my best to get our project popular through other websites as well as through Harada Katsuhiro himself. He helped to promote our Tekken 1 tribute almost two years ago already a bit via twitter. If our project here gets awesome, i am sure websites like Kotaku etc. will write about it.

Every artist can only claim one image.

Every artist gets a deadline of exactly one month from the day he claimed a spot. Exceptions will be given of up to 2-4 more weeks for very detailed and time consuming pieces as well if an artist has reasons why he needs more time.

Not everyone can participate with his art in this project yet maybe, your experience of drawing should match that of the artists featured with their Tekken 2 tribute submissions at the top of this journal.

Everyone can participate in different ways though, even the non artists in the group! If you have interesting ideas for drawings, or cosplay photos, don't hesitate to share them.
If you are a Tekken fan and you like to write about the games or their characters, you can help as well maybe.

The submissions would be showcased in both deviantART groups administrated by me :iconreinhold-hoffmann: as well as on
The latest art tribute hosted there, the "We Are Doomed" Art tribute to the  Doom series was promoted by Kotaku, Eurogamer and over 40 other websites. A big and great Tekken art project will sure get popular as well if we can deliver!

:iconfighting-games-elite: & :icongame-art-hq:

Beside drawing artists, cosplayers are also welcome to participate if they have plans to cosplay a Tekken character and would provide photos for this tribute.

Maybe this could even lead to small art collaborations / teamworks between cosplayers and artists who can /would edit the photos and add typical Tekken effects or even backgrounds as example.


Now that over 20 artists showed their interest, this journal will slowly work as an idea pool and also to show who is working on what.

If you want to be on board of the Tekken 20th Anniversary Art Tribute, simply mention it with a comment and you will receive a note.

Every image submitted to this project should be something special. Let's aim for a high and interesting quality of it, similar to what the Legend of Zelda fans showed us with their Link's Blacklist artworks. Let's show them our iron pencils and get ready for the next battle!

Let's have some fun ;-)



Tekken Series in general
The Evolution of Yoshimitsu - taken by :icongrapiqkad: has 2 months for this detailed image
One very challenging and time consuming artwork which would illustrate the evolution of Yoshimitsu, the Tekken character with the most and biggest visual changes through Tekken -TTT2.

:iconandes-sudo: - Project Devil Anna - Details are secret to the public until the image is done :-)

:iconsarrus: T3 Yoshi vs TTT2 Kuni in a forest or grassland environment and accompanied /surrounded by Manji Clan members

:iconmagihat: draws Lili as a F1 Racer to reflect her Monegasque background (to me the only thing Monaco has going for it is the Monaco GP) with Asuka as a pole position/flag-girl. Classy pinup girls style

Tekken I
:iconfedde: draws the 8 original Tekken 1 characters in a character select like big panel claimed 10.01.2014

Tekken 3
:iconargeiphontes: Julia Chang standing victorious on top of the defeated true Ogre holding the pendant that can control him with Michelle in the dress she wore in the T3 ending watching on.   claimed 10.01.2014

:icondarkchapel666: Paul Phoenix laughing and doing his win pose where he raises his arm and being happy about beating Ogre. Not knowing that he is transforming himself to "True Ogre" in the background on 11.01

:iconhotaru-oz: draws Ling Xiaoyu in her school uniform riding on Panda while Heihachi can be seen scolding Kuma for losing his concentration due to Panda in the background claimed 10.01.2014

:iconphobos-romulus: Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu in his Tekken 3 stage and around him some lifeless maybe partially bleeding bodies of fighters claimed on 11.01

:iconmartina-g: draws Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu in their school uniforms from T3/TTT in front of the Mishima School seen in the stage in TTT1/TTT2 claimed 10.01.2014

Tekken 4
Tekken 4 Intro Related
Heihachi Mishima in his T3 T4 "pimp" costume watching at the wall of tv screens and seeing Kazuya beating up some of his Tekken Forces making his way to him and looking directly into a camera claimed by :iconviciousshadi:  on 15.01

Tekken 5

:iconpechan: draws  Bryan Fury. Positioned in front of his collection of weapons, picking up a large knife and smirking to himself. And in the reflection of some of the blades you could see the faint image of Yoshimitsu preparing to attack him from behind. claimed on the 12.01

:iconedmoffatt:  Nina Williams in her classic Tekken 1 clothes on a assassination mission, with the target being a man who looks like Yoshinori Ono, the producer of the latest Street Fighter games claimed 10.01

Tekken 6
:iconzipskyblue: draws Asuka( Kazama in school uniform) riding a bicycle with bread in her mouth, trying to get to school on time and at the same time trying to get away from her rival Lili. Claimed 10.01

:iconkitsune0978: draws Lei Wulong and Asuka in a fight between Feng Wei

:iconneo-verse: draws an image which  continues the scene of Feng's ending in Tekken 6, where Asuka Kazama rises up and challenge Feng again, in order to get back the dojo sign. The tentative title is "give me back our dojo sign!" Claimed on 19.01

:iconkukurobuki: draws King and Craig Marduk fighting JC and Armor King in a wrestling ring with one character  flipping the opponent to the air then his partner catches up high claimed 09.01.2014

Covered characters so far
Anna Williams, Armor King, Asuka Kazama (2), Bryan Fury, Craig Marduk,Heihachi Mishima, Jaycee,Jin Kazama,Julia Chang, King,Kuma,Kunimitsu,  Lili (2), Ling Xiaoyu (2), Nina Williams, Panda, Paul Phoenix, True Ogre,Yoshimitsu (3),

Not yet covered are

Jinpachi Mishima, Wang Jinrei, Azazael, Sebastian, Marshall Law, Kazuya Mishima, Bruce irvin,  Baek Doo San Forest Law, Dragunov, Ganryu, Jack, P-Jack, Christie Monteiro, Zafina, and more (writing this up later)

The numbers show in how many images a characters appears, Ogre and True ogre are beaten in both images so far.

Idea pool, these are available to claim

By GBK / Reinhold Hoffmann

Eddy Gordo in his Green/Yellow Fasca Costume in his Tekken Tag Tournament stage practising his capoeira, while being surrounded by other capoeira users who are clapping in their hands to the beat of that capoeira song they always sing (padanaueee)

Harada and the Mishima Clan
Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of the Tekken series, in a typical Heihachi Mishima Karate Gi, wearing sunglasses and looking serious. To the left and right of him are Heihachi, Jinpachi, Kazuya and Jin. In a wider distance there are also Lee Chaolan and Lars Alexandersson to see.

The Animals
Kuma, Panda,Gon, Roger, Roger JR, Alex - did i forgot another animal fighter?  These all fighting for something. Maybe one of those golden heihachi Mishima Statues/Sculptures

Tekken 6 related
Lars Alexandersson with a serious look has Alisa Bosconovitch's Head in his hands who is smiling at him with a naive face, her torso can be seen in the background maybe- and he asks himself "To be or not to be..that is the question"

Tekken 5 related

The Confrontation - Yoshimitsu encounters Bryan Furyin a Sword vs. Gatling Gun Match, in either a Jungle or destryoed city scenery

The Intro - Kazuya Mishima and his Father fighting together against a group of Jack-5's. Kazuya can be seen smiling maybe.

Kazuya holding the weakend and beaten up Jinpachi Mishima in his arms..thinking about the past and training together with Jinpachi in his youth. This could be split into two images with the 2nd one showing Kazuya killing Jinpachi while smiling.

The Tequila Drinkers - Wang Jinrei and Jinpachi Mishima drinking Tequila together. This would be a joke about Katsuhiuro Harada writing about his favourite drink, Tequila often and Wang's Tekken 2 ending where he drinks Sake.

The Kung Fu Masters - Lei Wu Long vs. Feng Wei in a Hong Kong action flick like battle scene

Lee Chao Lans is Excellent - Image showing the epic ending movie of Lee in Tekken 5, threatenings Heihachi's life, that all in swimsuits at a pool of course

Tekken 4 - Final Stage
Heihachi Mishima waiting for his opponent in that big arena while Kazuya can be seen watching him as the only colored character in a grey/brown crowd / sillouettes and him smiling, looking for his best chance to attack.

A new Fighter debuts
A very proud Violet presentates his Combot in TV who is doing something goofy already and messes up

Tekken 3 related
Hwoarang and Jin Kazama in their classic looks, fighting each other for the first time. This scenery could be illustrated in comic form maybe too.

T3 Hwoarang and Paul both on their bikes roaring forwards

Maybe there could be a picture of Dr Boskonovic and Dr Abel fighting.

Tekken 3 Intro related - Ogre in his human form, maybe surrounded by lifeless bodies which look like Wang, Baek do San, Bruce Irvin, Ganryu. and having a head in his hands which looks like it could be Jun Kazama's head.

Tekken 1 related

Yoshimitsu and male Kunimitsu arguing about something..with female Kunimitsu from Tekken 2 looking at them from a hideout
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DraserkerX Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I like the shakespeare lars idea :P
fedde Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yo Ray! Is there a some deadline for the Tekken Tribute? I'm trying to make a timeplan for all the paintings I'm lost in. =)
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Professional Artist
The general deadline is one months but depending on the drawing i gave 2 months and well..the general deadline for this tribute is the 1st november. The sooner i have the submissions from January, the sooner i am going to get a 2nd round done though with the goal to have around 50 submissions by november
fedde Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ops, then I'm a little late I guess. Sorry 'bout that. I thought the deadline wasn't nailed since no date before the date you are going to post the project on the site. =)
Grapiqkad Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll take these "Harada and the Mishima Clan".
This is cool the creator with the main character..luv this.
Can I have it? 
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Professional Artist
Absolutely, you can.

ps: its really great that you participate with so many submissions to my fan art collaborations and art tributes, your contest submissions were great too, alone already because there is so few fan art for games like Tech Romancer.

Thanks a lot!
Grapiqkad Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whats the deadline for this..
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Professional Artist
Would one month be cool? :-)
Grapiqkad Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
approved.. and thanks again for giving me the chance to practice my art.. Just returning the favor actually and i enjoying being with the group..your group..hehehe
Jacacent Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
I want to claim the one where ogre has jun's head and all the dead bodies behind
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