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And nope...this is NOT an article about Donte in the new DmC being a Pizza Fan too......

PIZZA TIME stands for a series everyone of you should know..and for games which are nearly forgotten but are legendary great so LET'S KICK SHELL!!

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Hyperstone Heist by Joelchan guessed right, this part of the article is about TMNT The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..and this art there made by :iconjoelchan: is about the TMNT action in "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Hyperstone Heist" the sega mega drive port of the legendary Beat'em Up TMNT Turtles in Time for Arcade and SNES.
Joelchan draw it not just for fun but also to üarticipate in our Beat Em Up art tribute where artists can choose a game they want to draw.  If you are interested in this art project about old and new Beat 'em Up games, just reply here and mention it

Battletoads Arcade by Mystic-Forces
Beside the Turtles there was one more Beat em up series about amphibians who kicked arse. This one will only be known to those among you who are either a bit older, or played older games! BATTLETOADS by RareWare is what i talk of the hardest game series ever..and :iconmystic-forces: who draw the action of Battletoads the Arcade game for our project sure spent a ton of bucks to play that damn arcade version.

Here we see an entry about Comix Zone for the Sega Mega Drive, one of the most unique beat em ups ever and drawn by :icondidak: for the tribute. I recommend really EVERYONE of you to look @ the artstyle of this game and its comic style which was sadly rarely repeated in video games.

Muramasa -Torahime fight- by Bariarti
Now something newer, Muramasa for the Nintendo Wii, a newer example of the beat em up game genre and drawn by :iconbariati. This one has a super beautiful art style ..its probably one of the most beautiful 2d games of the last generation of consoles.

Captain Commando - City by blackorb00
Let's go back in time again, to the year 1993 i think. You probably know Captain Commando from Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2, but did you ever play the Captain Commando arcade game? :iconblackorb00: did, and was able to draw the really crazy action of this game which had a 4 player mode in the arcade which delivered chaos and fun.

Shooting star by ValentrisRRock
And let's go back in time even further, back to the Double Dragon era when it was all about Billy and Jimmy Lee in "Double Dragon II: The Revenge" :iconvalentrisrrock: draw the third stage action of this game where you had to throw out the thugs from a flying helicopter.

Kat Kong! by mortalshinobi
This is another unusual example of the beat em up genre: Castle Crashers - the game which went damn popular on steam and later xbl as well. This illustrates the third level boss fight against the catfish and was drawn by :iconmortalshinobi:

For now last but not the least submitted entry of the beat em up tribute was drawn by :iconinside-joke: and is about another quite new game: TRON Evolution.
I had to watch gameplay videos to see if this title belongs to the beat em up genre, but after seeing it in action it was a clear candidate.

Hope you like the artworks and the idea of this project. From the first beat em ups of the eighties up to Castlevania Lords of Shadows and God of War...every beat em up counts. If you want to be part of the team which creates the probably first tribute to one of our favourite game genres, just comment here.

Greets :iconreinhold-hoffmann:

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