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Update, 04.01.2013

Okay, i hope that a lot artists participate in this contest to kick off 2013 on FGE in a really cool way for a really cool oldschool fighting game series, so i thought..okay..if over 20 artists participate, it better has 3 winners instead of only one. this means, instead of "only" a 12 Month Premium Account here on dA for the number 1 winner, gold and silver are getting something too!

2nd Prize 3 Month dA Premium Subscription
3rd Prize 1 Month dA Premium Subscription

Good luck and much fun to you in this contest and some love for Earthquake, TamTam and Wan Fu!!


The Contest:

Samurai Shodown
The long running but almost dead weapon based fighting game series by SNK featuring a crazy cast of over 50 characters like Haohmaru, Amakusa, Charlotte, Galford and many many more.

This contest is of course meant as a challenge for all artists, but also to tribute this great series of fighting games and change the fact that almost no related art is created for it except a few Haohmaru, Genjuro and Hanzo Hattori stuff from time to time.

You can win a nice prize with this contest, but you also create art for a damn fine fighting game seriies if you are participating in this contest.

The Prize:

- 12 Months of a DeviantART Premium Account
- Being featured in a Journal of FGe
- Being featured on the frontpage of
- Being featured on Game Art

The Rules
- Up to two entries per artist are allowed
- Entries must be related to Samurai Shodown Games / Characters. This includes SS64, Sen, Warriors Rage of course too
- Redesigns, Chibi versions etc. are allowed
- No Nudity and very strong violence though. Keep the blood level to the same as it was in the games
- No Crossovers with characters of other games
- No old deviations can count, your entry has to be made for this contest and you have to mention that it was made for this contest in the description
The winner is decided as usual through the opinions of the participating artists + a public poll which has only a small influcence in the voting

The contest starts right now, it endures till the 22th February 12PM

Any further questions? Just ask!

Ps: Happy New Year everyone!

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