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For Street Fighter Mortal Kombat Tekken Soul Calibur Skullgirls Dead or Alive King of Fighters etc Fans / Artists

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Update: To spice it up, EVERYONE who participates in this round of the FGE can choose a fighting game or beat'em up character that would be part of the next round of the project. Kudos for this idea goes to the FGE community member  LukeTheRipper who took Necrid from SoulCalibur II for this round.

Only one character is left - Z - Zorn from WeaponLord

The FGE Project is our big Group Activity to get more and more different fighting game characters drawn by group members. We started it in March 2012,we had all kinds of different rounds related to specific games or game series. Over 220 fighting game and beat'em up characters were drawn for this project already including many really really unpopular and almost forgotten guys.

Some of the many fan arts drawn for the FGE Project in the past:
Final Fight`s Lucia (by Gad) by Dreamgate-Gad Shuma Gorath by Alexis-Kurosawa Zipperhead from B.I.O.FREAKS by Grapiqkad .FGE Project: Iori Yagami. by Martina-G Baiken for PSX Tribute by Danaki

Instead of an art challenge like the last time or basing the FGE project about a specific game, how about we do an "ABC" Round. I looked up  fighting game characters that were not yet drawn for our art collaboration and everyone of them starts with a different letter, forming an A-Z of characters you can claim to draw.

This time there are both popular and pretty unknown characters part of the FGE Project, choose who you want from them!

A - A.B-A from the Guilty Gear Series claimed by Pshfrk
B - Bass Armstrong from Dead or Alive claimed by Red-ringo

C - Cammy White in her new design from Street Fighter V claimed by sarrus Street Fighter V Cammy by sarrus
D - Demitri Maximoff from Darkstalkers claimed by Danaki
E - Ermac in his classic Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Design claimed by rbl3d
ERMAC Mortal Kombat 3 by rbl3d
F - Fuuma Kotaro from World Heroes claimed by Mawnbak Fuuma by Mawnbak
G - Galford from Samurai Shodown claimed by Ryoga-rg
H - Hakumen from Blazblue claimed by Grapiqkad

I - Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Jam claimed by Dreamgate-Gad  Ingrid  by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
J - Jin Kazamafrom the Tekken Series claimed by Getemono

K - King from Tekken in an design of your choice claimed by BartonDH
L - Leona Heidern from King of Fighters in her classic design claimed by shinragod
M - Magneto from the Marvel fighting games by Capcom claimed by ewrwrqeqe

N - Necrid from SoulCalibur II claimed by LukeTheRipper
O - Oro from Street Fighter III claimed by cheesyniblets
P - Pac-Man from Smash Bros. 4 claimed by AGO92
Q - Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat claimed by darkchapel666

R - Raiden from  KOF XIII claimed by Horoko Raiden! Ichiban!! by Horoko
S - Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct claimed by jimkan
T - Tiffany Lords from Rival School claimed by rubiocroft
U - Unknown from Tekken Tag Tournament 1 or 2 claimed by FischHead
V - Viewtiful Joe from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 claimed by Manu-G
W - Wonder Woman from Injustice claimed by illuminantur
X - Xianghua from SoulCalibur claimed by JKLiew92
Y - Yuki from Last Blade claimed by MonicaKinomoto

Z - Zorn from WeaponLord

If you want to be part of this project, simply claim one of those characters via comment, every character can be claimed by only one artist. The deadline for this FGE Round is Sunday the 30th August 2015.
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