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For Street Fighter Mortal Kombat Tekken Soul Calibur Skullgirls Dead or Alive King of Fighters etc Fans / Artists

Contests and Fan Art Projects are the standard at FGE
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Feb 17, 2011


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We came forward a lot. From the idea in summer 2012 to draw many different fighting and beat'em up game characters to Januar 2014 where we have 158 fighting game characters covered now, many from very old and unpopular fighting games.

Some of the submissions for our "FGE Project" are the only fan arts ever done for characters like Helda from Clayfighters or Greg the Gorilla from Bloody Roar.

Angelia Avallone by kiraDaidohji Heart Aino by darthplegias Saki the Lightning Maiden by darthplegias
Arcana Hearts a 2D Fighting Game series which started in 2006 and is developed by Examu Inc.…
Angelia Avallone, Heart Aino, Saki Tzusura

John Crawley - Art of Fighting 2 by YellowWollywog, AoF-King by ExShen Lee Pai Long ..A Gentle yet Destructive by Grapiqkad
Art of Fighting is a 2D fighting game series by SNK which includes 3 games with the first one being from 1992.…
John Crawley, King, Lee Pai Long

Astra SuperStars - Cupe by FischHead
Astra SuperStars

Alice Asura Blade by Ryoga-rg
Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty is a 2D fighting game by Fuuki, released in 1998 for arcades only.…

Gaia by fedde Mondo - Battle Arena Toshinden by SuperEdco Battle Arena Toshinden - Sofia by Tygerlander
Battle Arena Toshinden by Tamsoft and Takara is a 3D fighting game series with 4 main series games and a few spinoffs.…
Gaia (Toshinden I), Mondo,  Sofia

Burn It Up! by LukeTheRipper  Sabotage from Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. by nightshide Zipperhead from B.I.O.FREAKS by Grapiqkad
Purge, Sabotage, Zipperhead

Hazama by ciacheczko Makoto Nanaya. by Dragerdeifrit Sword of the Godslayer by Curse-of-Lolth Rachel Alucard by juanrock Taokaka :3 by Pharaoh009
BlazBlue by Arc System Works is a 2D series, the latest game will be published in March 2014 in the USA,
Hazama,Makoto Nanaya, Mu, Rachel Alucard, Taokaka

Fear the beast! by Xavtkd Bakuryu the mole by ExShen  Greg Og Of Bloody Roar by Grapiqkad Shen Long - The Tiger by SerpentKingSaul STUN from Bloody Roar 2 by rbl3d
Bloody Roar
Bakuryu (Bloody Roar 1), Bakuryu BL2 Mole version, Greg, Shen Long (Beast Form), Stun

Tia Langray by JSRT
Breakers / Breakers Revenge
Tia Langray

Crazy Child Chihiro by Ryoga-rg
Bushido Blade

Helga Clay Fighter by borockman Clayfighter - Taffy for Fighting Games Elite by BrendanCorris
Helda , Taffy

Dee the Dhampir by fedde Felicia Ready to Claw by EduardoHerrera Felicia by Koui Jedah - No cameras, please by Snakethoot Puppet Master by mortalshinobi  Q-Bee Tribute by shyshadow
Dee ,Felicia, Felicia (Redesign),  Jedah , Marionette, Q-Bee

Sekka by Echiigo
Double Dragon V

Deadly Butterfly by Grace-Zed
Dynasty Warriors Series
Zhang He from DW7

''Trident'' Eternal Champions fan-art series by rbl3d Rax (Eternal Champions) by Cilab ''Shadow'' Eternal Champions fan-art series by rbl3d ''Midknight'' Eternal Champions fan-art series by rbl3d Xavier (Eternal Champions) by Cilab
Eternal Champions
Midknight ,Rax,  Shadow,Trident, Xavier

Danzaiver by blackorb00 Gonna jab Lea in the eye with this finger! by Quartette
Evil Zone
Danzaiver, Kakurine

+ Duck King + by Cathaclysm Tizoc, the Griffon Mask by KuraiTenshi89 Tung Fu - Power of Wisdom by Cilab
Fatal Fury & Garou MOTW
Duck King, Tizoc, Tung Fu

{Fighter's History} Ryoko Kano by MonicaKinomoto
Fighters History
Ryoko Kano

Flamer/Equus by Alexis-Kurosawa Rotundo from Fighting Masters by rbl3d
Fighting Masters
Flamer, Rotundo

Honey/Candy fan art by EdMoffatt Raxel - Fighting Vipers by argeiphontes
Fighting Vipers
Honey , Raxel

Paladin Cecil Knight of the twin moon - redesign by blackorb00 Yuna FF [Dissidia] 012 by MotherofDragons
Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Paladin Cecil , Yuna

Maki by siig The Ballad of Mike Haggar by SpineBender
Final Fight
Maki , Mike Haggar

Gunter by EduardoHerrera
Galaxy Fight

Milan Flare by ZabZarock
Golden Axe: The Duel
Milan Flare

Tanya: Guardians of the Hood by SHADOBOXXER
Guardians of the Hood

Guilty Gear - Anji Mito by ciacheczko Baiken for PSX Tribute by Danaki  Dizzy by ciacheczko Faust by ciacheczko {Guilty Gear: Missing Link} Millia Rage by MonicaKinomoto Millia Rage Xrd by MotherofDragons Blackest Soul by shinragod
Guilty Gear
Anji Mito, Baiken,  Dizzy & Faust, Millia Rage (GG1) and GGXrd, Zato-1 (GGXrd)

Cawnus from Hippodrome by rbl3d

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Killer Frost by Chooone Superman Regime by AlvMar0122
Injustice - Gods Among Us
Killer Frost (Alt), Superman

Killer Instinct -  Cinder by Tygerlander Target Sighted... by mortalshinobiPrimal Savage by mortalshinobi Spinal - Killer Instinct 2 by DCompton T. J. Combo by Mithferion
Killer Instinct
Cinder , Fulgore, Riptor, Spinal KI2 , TJ Combo

Andy Bogard by Grace-Zed Angel by BrentSherlockArt Athena Asamiya by darthplegias Whip my Har back and fourth by Koui KOF:Blue Mary by Marduk44 Time for a Chang....e...uh, yeah by theoriginalmistajonz Choi Bounge - KoF - The FGE Project by c-r-o-f-t Goro Daimon by leomon32 .FGE Project: Iori Yagami. by Martina-G -Ice Doll- Kula Diamond by Bariarti Oldschool Kyo by HAF-2 Mission Complete by Julius-B Li Xiangfei by Ryoga-rg Mature by clvago Ramon - KOF by LeandroReis-LR Ralf Jones from King of fighters (Ikari warriors) by AlessandroGazzoli Original Zero by ValentrisRRock Reiji Ogami by Ryoga-rg Rugal Badass Bernstein by OmegaClarens Shion by augustoflores Yuri Chou Upper by hybridmink
King of Fighters
Andy Bogard (KOF96) Angel, Athena Asamiya (KOF98), Benimaru ,Blue Mary, Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, Goro Daimon, Iori Yagami, Kula Diamond, Kyo Kusanagi (KOF'94), Leona Heidern (Old Design), Li Xiangfei,  Mature,  Original Zero ,Ralph Jones, Ramon, Reiji Ogami, Rugal Bernstein (KOF'94),  Shion, Yuri Sakazaki (KOFXIII)

King of the Britains by batmanjosh
Knights of the Round

Claw Claudia by Ryoga-rg
Knuckle Heads

Setsuna by EdgeKagami Zantetsu by Mawnbak
Last Blade
Setsuna, Zantetsu

Lisa Kusanami by argeiphontes Pin Up: Yoko Kono by viciousSHADi
Last Bronx
Lisa Kusanami, Yoko Kono

Unpopular Rachael by savagejase
Martial Champions

Marvel Nemesis Storm by Mawnbak The Thing by SLAYERWOLF-X Dare to Die Daredevil! by mortalshinobi
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
Storm,The Thing, Venom

Saguaro Siesta by shinragod Ruby Heart 1 by PanzerFlight FGE Rogue by prototype85 Sabretooth-Hypermode-Marvel VS Capcom 2 by Grapiqkad X-23 by senorfro
Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3
Amingo, Ruby Heart , Rogue ,Sabretooth, X-23

Slashman by MatiasSoto
Megaman: Power Fighters

Baraka-re-design by Grapiqkad :thumb302096318: Noob Saibot: Ascension by DarioCld FGE Project - Jade Mortal Kombat Deception by Shiranui94 Sub-zero by Video320 GET OVER HERE! by rei-baahk Reptile Repaint by bulletproofturtleman Scorpion by shiprock
Mortal Kombat
Baraka (Redesign) , Mileena MKII  , Noob Saibot MK9 , Jade MKD, Sub Zero MKD  , Scorpion MK9,  Reptile (Redesign), Scorpion MK1

Ai (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum) by kkr222
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

Karasu Ninja Masters by Osmar-Shotgun
Ninja Masters

The Masked Warrior - Pit-Fighter by DCompton
Pit Fighter
Masked Warrior

Pocket Fighter Akuma by dragonariaes {Pocket Fighter} Tessa a.k.a. Tabasa by MonicaKinomoto
Pocket Fighter
Akuma, Tessa

Annie Hamilton Power Instinct by Ryoga-rg Forever Friends by Ryoga-rg Power Instinct Poochie by fedde Heart Attack by Ryoga-rg Reiji Oyama by Ryoga-rg
Power Instinct
Annie Hamilton, Poochy Young and Old Look,  Otane Goketsuji  (Young Look), Reiji Oyama

Just need two more. by Quartette
Power Stone

Claw Fighter Talon by shinragod Consulting the Queen of Insanity by shinragod
Primal Rage
Talon, Vertigo

Akira Kazama - Clear skies by Snakethoot Daigo Kazama by Grapiqkad Booman Fun Time by Ryoga-rg Hinata Wakaba by PuddingPlushiePalace
Rival Schools
Akira Kazama , Boman Delgado , Daigo Kazama, Hinata Wakaba

Kubikiri Basara by blackorb00 Cham Cham by blackorb00 Charlotte Samurai Showdown by MotherofDragons Haohmaru by FadlyRomdhani Tachibana Ukyo - Slash by blackorb00 Kazama Sogetsu by blackorb00 Kafuins by clvago
Samurai Shodown
Basara, Cham Cham,Charlotte,Haohmaru (SS WR Version)  Kazama & Ukyo , Gaira & Nictotine

[SW1] Mitsuhide Akechi - Alternate Costume by MonicaKinomoto
Samurai Warriors
Mitsuhede Akechi (SW1 Alt Costume)

Auroch (Shaq Fu) by Cilab Kaori (Shaq Fu) by Cilab Voodoo (Shaq Fu) by Cilab
Shaq Fu
Auroch,Kaori, Voodoo

Widowmaker by darkchapel666
Slam Masters
Black Widow

MEAT! by LukeTheRipper
Slap Happy Rhythm Busters

You're in my way! by dragonariaes Bangoooo! by CloudsDevourer Seong Mina017 by Koui Don't worry, I'm not expecting much from you. by kimlasca Viola At The Citadel by ThalieXVII Soul Calibur II - Voldo by Tygerlander
Abelia Schillfelt,Rock (SCIII), Seong Mi-na (SE),  Tira (SCIVP1), Viola (P2 SCV), Voldo (SC2)

Bilstein by Mawnbak Star Gladiator - Gamof Gohgry by FischHead Return Of Saturn by darkchapel666
Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword
Bilstein,Gamof, Saturn

Akuma FGE project by Theresiel The FGE Project: Alex ( Street Fighter 3 ) by Marvin000 -A Storm of Kicks- by Bariarti  Geki - Street Fighter by argeiphontes Ibuki- Bomb for A Change by ExShen :Vega by MotherofDragons Yun Lee by Ryoga-rg
Street Fighter
Akuma,Axel, Chun Li SFA ,Geki,Ibuki, Vega, Yun

Ace by Leonidas666 Blair Dame by mulcimber Sharon by Mawnbak
Street Fighter EX
Ace, Blair Dame, Sharon

So who's the boss now? by Xavtkd Shiva from Streets of Rage by rbl3d
Streets of Rage
Axel Stone, Shiva

Afternoon Tea by RosasFantastica Retro Kazuya by conquerorsaint Lars Alexandersson by Pryce14 Lili Nouveau by FadlyRomdhani Anna Williams for FGE by Godess-Nikita-Chan Xiaoyu by vSpade  LAW by Dani-Castro Miguel Yellow by Red-ringo Nina by SteveMillersArt Yoshimitsu!! by Jacacent Zafina by ChihuahuasInTheMist
Anna Williams (T3,P3), Kazuya Mishima (T1, P2),  Lars Alexandersson, Lili Rochefort, Ling Xiaoyu (T3), Marshall Law, Miguel (TTT2), Nina Williams (T3), Yoshimitsu (T3, P1), Zafina

TMNT Tournament Fighters - Aska by leopoldio Cyber Shredder Super by JManArtwork
TMNT Tournament Fighters
Aska, Cyber Shredder

Mary Ivonskaya by Echiigo
Tobal Series
Mary Ivonskaya

Perforate S.T.A.R.S... by mortalshinobi
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

chibi seth by favoriterod
Under night in-birth

{Variable Geo} Chiho Masuda by MonicaKinomoto {Variable Geo} Reimi Jahana by MonicaKinomoto
Variable Geo
Chiho Masuda, Reimi Jahana

VF Kage-Maru by Grace-Zed .FGE project: Pai Chan. by Martina-G Vanessa Lewis by LaughingOrc
Virtua Fighter
Kage Maru, Pai-Chan, Vanessa Lewis

Tesse by blackorb00
WakuWaku 7

Crowning Champion by mortalshinobi Pagan - War Gods by jaggudada To Valhalla... by mortalshinobi
War Gods
Maximus, Pagan, Vallah

Crimson Glory by Mawnbak
Way of the Warrior
Crimson Glory

Talazia (Weapon Lord) by Cilab Talazia by mishinsilo

Jardcore Carnography by darkchapel666 Dio by blackorb00Jack - World Heroes - The FGE Project by c-r-o-f-t Janne World Heroes by Ryoga-rg
World Heroes Series
Carn, Dio, Jack. Janne

This gallery will be updated on the 8th November 2013
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