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The Mortal Kombat Tribute…
Over 200 Artists draw 300 character designs from the MK Universe

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute…
Around 200 artists show their tribute to the biggest fighting game series of all time

The Tribute to the Boss Round 1…
Around 45 artists draw around 100 fan artworks for 37 bosses of fighting games

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For Street Fighter Mortal Kombat Tekken Soul Calibur Skullgirls Dead or Alive King of Fighters etc Fans / Artists

Contests and Fan Art Projects are the standard at FGE
Founded 6 Years ago
Feb 17, 2011


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9,486 Members
8,470 Watchers
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Does anyone of you have the game and can confirm that the unlockable character art like the concept artworks are in HD as well, and is it possible to make screenshots of them (PS3 version?)
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Gallery Folders

Eliza - Skullgirls by TirNaNogIndustries
leo by koutanagamori
Bunnygirl in troubles? ...Asuka, Tekken Fan Art by AdrianWolve
R. Mika and Laura summer costumes by GGG85
Everything else
SYOH by BlackExcell
FOX - Bloody Roar (COMMISSION) by Kanogetz
Jenny the Bat by svoidist
Primal Rage - Diablo by NathanRosario
The Boss Tribute Round 2 2016
Abyss SoulCalibur III FGBT by BartonDH
Dural-VirtuaFighter by Bariarti
Fighting Game Boss Tribute-Corrupted Shinnok by DiegoGomezArt
Seth by Joelchan
Game Art HQ Mortal Kombat Tribute
+ Kia - Mortal Kombat + by CathrieWarehouse
MK Legacy Shinnok by Esau13
MKX: Reptile - Alternate by Chooone
Kenshi by JoelWhite
The FGE Project
INo-Antidepressant Scale by BananaWork
MAI NO RYUUEMBU by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
Gill Seraphic Wing by shinragod
Ukyo from Samurai Shodown by rbl3d
Past Fan Art Projects
Saikyo Arts by Kukurobuki
Adon - Jaguar Pride by Snakethoot
Fei Long by benscott81
Ryu Tribute by Chad73
Past Drawing Contests
Gouken by BaoVu
Tira by mizueyes777
Big Traditional Art Contest: Sagat's History by Marvin000
Killer Instinct by AleksiRemesArt
FGE Contest Winners
Killer Instinct by AleksiRemesArt
Nightmarish by Rhafiel
Anna vs Elsa by Abremson
God Hand-Final stage by Grapiqkad
Lineart to Share
Morrigan Pencils by Marc-F-Huizinga
Chun-Li Inks by Marc-F-Huizinga
Cammy and Chun li by Marvsamune
Juri Han (Street Fighter V) Line-Art by D2KPrime
Colorations of FGE Linearts
Chung Li by muertesubita
KOF Luise by dazgrapcho
Mortal Kombat  Jades Back By Jerrytengu by Kenkira
Mileena From Mortal Kombat By Zupano by Kenkira
Cosplay is Fun
Kula Diamond by DalinCosplay
I-no by DalinCosplay
cammy love by JillStyler
Hitomi by AzunaKohana
Ermac MK X by LetticiaMaer
Cammy White - Street Fighter Omega by thek0n
Schoolgirl Akuma by PierreMateus
Fujin by mareCaligine
"Dreammatch Never Ends"
Asuka VS Hitomi _ Commission by Sano-BR
Iroha  in Danger! - page 4 by Sano-BR
Ken And Mai (hidden love) by wez1010
The Galactic Bounty Hunter Meets the Killer Bee by CHOBI-PHO
Sprite Edits and Pixelart
Guile (Street Fighter V) by RieyTails
Street Fighter Alpha Ken sprite conversion by legorulez49
Killer Instinct S3 - Rash by perezman

Mature Content

Zangief definitive version by ELrcar
Animations Gifs and Flash
MOONPLEX. by Emezie
SFA-Mika Rainbow Ass Spank by Chamat
Talbain - Night Warriors Ending Scene by camdencc
chun-li by armentis
Alright! Let's begin! by fire-tisane
Ninjas goes to school by tekkenrocker
Chun Li the Gauntlet Page 7 by Tree-ink
The Mishaps of Dan 117 by timberking
Edited Screenshots - Mixed Series
OBJECTION by kiraDaidohji
King of Fighters XIII Vector by anubis55
MK is FUN 27 by DestMelkor
hero massacre by UKENRON
Warriors Musou Games
Oda Nobunaga - snow by OkamiKiba13
Secret Santa for WindDragonTiamat by Carcaneloce
Chibi Sima Yi by EdgeKagami
Flower~SengokuMusou2)Oichi by Draven4157
"Oldschool" Beat em Up s
SoR Stage5 Boss by Nonoko78
Blaze Fielding by FeydRautha81
Captain Commando by Jojorozian
BlazBlue Series
Izayoi - Scarlet Justice T-Shirt Design by scrubbyink
Makoto Nanaya by CyberII
Litchi Faye Ling by borjen-art
Bullet from BlazBlue commission by Ganassa
Capcom "Allstars"
Spidey's Sneak Peek at Chun-Li by rattoilet
capcom art by DXSinfinite
School trip by LadyMignon
Capcom Fighting Tribute by edwinhuang
Capcom Vs SNK Series
SNK Vs Capcom - Mai Vs Chun-Li by CaliburWarrior
VS by PacoAfroMonkey
Kula X Dhalsim by Taise-Z
Nakoruru and Cammy by unforgivenarts
Darkstalkers Series
Morrigan Aensland II, by NeoArtCorE by Antsstyle
Zabel by PuppeteerLee
Morrigan - Darkstalkers by CMorilla
Morrigan aensland by Naklac
Dead or Alive Series
Azuna's Hitomi by Chromarin
Make Your Move By Demokun by Demokun54
Ninja Ayane by Jheralde
Ayane by Z-Duke
Fatal Fury Garou Series
B-Jenet by BlackExcell

Mature Content

Blue Mary by Ganassa
Mai Shiranui by Bilcassonato
Mai Shiranui by zoeragez
Fighting Vipers and Last Bronx
Fighting Vipers - Honey by Ganassa
Raxel by edgemis
Honey and Grace by VaultMan
SEGA GALS vol,4 Nagi Hojo ~LAST BRONX~ by kamiomutsu
Guilty Gear
Russian Assassin by LisVanPiece
Guilty Gear - Ramlethal Valentine by lightning-seal
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator: Dizzy by kiraDaidohji
Hawkgirl by MalkyTea
Let It Go - Cover by Killer Frost by RazKurdt
Injustice Black Adam by osx-mkx
Injustice Quinn by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Killer Instinct
Orchid - Circa '95 by StudioChojin
Orchid - Render by KID3D
Shadow Jago - Killer Instinct by thegameworld
Tusk vs. Gargos by AleksiRemesArt
King of Fighters
Process Athena Asamiya Princess of kof Part 1 by tekino
Mai Shiranui XIV MeshMod by EnlightendShadow
Mai Shiranui by GENZOMAN
Mai Shiranui 2 - Kof 95 by ZabZarock
Last Blade, RotD, Savage Reign, World Heroes
Moriya The Last Blade by RueCalintz
Shinnosuke Kagami by EdgeKagami
Marvel Vs Capcom Series
Collab Marvel Vs Capcom collection by zecarlos
X-MEN: X-23, COLOR VERSION by vf02ss
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Amingo by thatdb
Amingo by pacman23
Mortal Kombat Series
Mortal Kombat X-Jacqui -High Tech Variation by Grapiqkad
Mortal Kombat X-Kotal Kahn  Blood God Variation by Grapiqkad
Mortal Kombat X-Jason Relentless Variation by Grapiqkad
Mortal Kombat X-Jonny Cage A-List Variation by Grapiqkad
Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe
Jax (MK vs DC) Updated by deexie
Sonya Blade vs Catwoman by megaween
Mortal Kombat vs. Dc Universe by HeroforPain
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Cover by wburton19
Persona Arena
Aigisu~ by Dejaguar
Labrys - Persona 4 Arena by Dejaguar
Kongouhappa by Eroji
Aigis - Persona 4 Arena by Dejaguar
Power Stone Series
[POWER STONE] Edward Fokker and Ayame by Gengoro-Akemori
Edward and Rouge by txsnew
Ninja's memories by ChibiPyro
Falcon, Ayame and Valgas Commission by ChibiPyro
Rival Schools Series
Tiffany by chuck-piresART
Rival Schools - Akira by benscott81
United By Fate by QuesoGr7
Akira Kazama by pacman23
Samurai Shodown Series
Iroha by Chromatic-Gus
Cham-Cham by D2KPrime
Cham Cham and Paku Paku by lemonpandachan
(Samurai Showdown) Nakoruru by MonicaKinomoto
Sengoku Basara
O-Ichi by Mrs-w21
Motonari over sunset by WaitSama
Forest by kurotenko
DOKUGANRYU by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
SF Vs Tekken Vs SF
Evil Ryu vs. Devil Jin by AleksiRemesArt
Headlights by Thr3spawn
20 Favorite Games Challenge: #16 by AleksiRemesArt
Paul Vs Guile by Grapiqkad
Painwheel Chibi by equilibrik
Double by KagaminLight
Skullgirls Parasoul by ynorka
Let's go, Samson! by Julius-B
Natsu the Vexatious Ninja by SirTiefling
Ivy Rabbit by RaidouZERO
Ivy by Unttin7
Wandering Seer- Soul Calibur V by Ewder
Street Fighter Folder 2
Urien (Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia) by gammon
Juri Han by chuck-piresART
Juri Selfie with Guile by NDGO
StreetFighter Swimsuit Special-A Rose On The Beach by HeavyMetalHanzo
Super Smash Bros Series
Final Smash by CauseImDanJones
Smash Brothers by hybridmink
Messy Impacto by Shira-hedgie
Super Smash Bros. Minimalism by JRLunaArt
Asuka Kazama (Tekken) by ynorka
Tekken 3 - King by FranjoGutierrez
Anna - Tekken (Comm) by CatCouch
[Tekken] Alisa Bosconovitch by monobun
Toshinden Series
Toshinden - Sofia by GENZOMAN
Toshinden - Ellis by GENZOMAN
Tracy, Battle Arena Toshinden, ButtonUp Shirt by satoopid
Toshinden Battle - Tracy vs. Sofia by satoopid
Virtua Fighter Series
Jacky Bryant by VirtuaAngel
Akira Yuki by AleksiRemesArt
Virtua Fighter 5 - Goh Hinogami by FranjoGutierrez
Watermark Club
MELEE DYNASTY IS DEAD! by veemon-tamer
Mortal Kombat X: Shinnok by MK-Dragon
Mileena Mortal Kombat by Livindeath
Kasumi by StanTheMan02
Indie and Free Fighting Games
Ryu - Street Fighter Fanart by tgomes9
Hattori Hanzo Uruka sketchdump by Pltnm06Ghost
Phonon - Under Night In-Birth by Dejaguar
Rising Thunder- Chel by TODODeygulash
Streetfighter Series
China streets by kenomatic
Necalli by Luis Henrique Verissimo by LuisHB1
Sakura by ashg-linkin
Sakura Kasugano: Cherry Blossom by ExMile


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Naklac Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
thanks a lot for adding my art of kof Mai shiranui :)
I really love fighting games specially KOF and this group!
CicisArtandStuff Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
:] Thank you!
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
You're welcome. btw I have a challenge or project idea for you since you mentioned you like specially KOF.

You know you have tons..really "mega" tons of Mai Shiranui fan art there in a thousand forms from hand drawn to 3d sculpted etc. But how about making a series of the KOF women in the same style you used for your Mai Shiranui?

Especially the not super popular characters lik Chizuru, Kasumi Todoh and even Whip would be something really special here on dA in your style. There is basically no 3d based fan art of them here. 

This could be a challenge for yourself, and I am sure it will gain you some fans here as well
Naklac Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
yes its a very very nice idea.
i will see.
because i am working in a company where i spend my most of the time.
like i leave my home at 7 o clock and back home at 10 o clock eat dinner and do some pencil sketching one hour and then sleep :)
i do some stuff on weekend and u know 3d takes alot of time (one to two weeks just to model a character continues 8 hours daily work)
I want to do not only female but all the kof characters it will be really fun for me. 
but yes i appreciate what u suggested, because i have very less time i will do what u said good idea!
ZeroStrife96 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya there, thanks for requesting my Morrigan ^-^ I'll be submitting an Iron Tager from BlazBlue too.
Naklac Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Thanks for accepting morrigan :)
PedroSotto Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
Hi, thanks for accepting Dress to Impress in your gallery! :-)
PedroSotto Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016
Hi! Thanks for accepting Police Sketch in the gallery! :-)
SetGent Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't contribute art in the sprites folder?
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